Inclusive Practices

Digital Harbor Foundation (DHF) welcomes you! We serve to empower all of our youth and create an atmosphere that nurtures the success of all community members. We aim to accomplish this by providing dignified and appropriate accommodations whenever necessary; supporting staff with professional development and education that enhances their ability to lead youth of varying abilities; and educating youth and community members about perspectives of people with varying abilities.

Since 2014, DHF has been a proud participant in the Baltimore OST Inclusion Project. We have worked with a variety of partners through this project to ensure that our after-school and summer programs are accessible to youth of varied abilities, backgrounds, and experiences. Through our participation, DHF staff members (at all levels) have received detailed professional development on better inclusive practices, methods for meeting individual needs, and more.

DHF makes every effort to ensure that our program is readily accessible to and usable by youth with varied abilities, backgrounds, and experiences. If your child needs special accommodations to allow them to participate, we will do our best to work with you to develop a plan to provide reasonable accommodations for the the situation.

We recognize that inclusion is a process that is enacted everyday and will continue to grow and become more effective through the efforts of youth, staff, partners, family members, and the greater community.