Expanding Tech Education

The Digital Harbor Foundation was recently awarded a research grant (Award Abstract #1723610) by the National Science Foundation EAGER program to explore expanding informal tech education for underrepresented communities using makerspaces.

The research project will explore 3 different professional development models to expand the work of DHF in technology education for underrepresented youth. The project is limited to Maryland-based sites with pre-existing youth programs.

By The Numbers

  • 3 sites selected to participate in 18-month pilot program
  • 100 licenses for Digital Harbor Foundation’s Maker Foundations curriculum
  • $21,000 in equipment (based off of joint site assessment)
  • $4,00 in consumables for implementing Maker Foundations curriculum
  • 80 hours of ongoing Digital Harbor Foundation training and consulting

Hear More / Community Conference Call

At 4:00 pm on Thursday, February 1st, we hosted a conference call that will go through the details of the program and the selection process. Click the button below if you would like to download a recording of the call.

Download Recording